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What Drives You? Christian Williams DBD Culture

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Hello Everyone, My name is Christian Williams, and Driven By Darkness is my mindset/lifestyle. Before I jump into what it means to me, I wanted to do a little introduction about who I am.

I am level 22 with a crazy mindset about the world that we live in. I don't see the world as most people do and that's okay. Although I am just a wee little lad I feel very ahead of my time and generation. I just recently stopped going to college because I felt like I was wasting more money than the knowledge I was receiving. This is personal and I'm not saying that's the same for everyone and that's okay. I am a young entrepreneur trailblazing my path to success. Currently, at my age, I am a Store Manager at CBD American Shaman and I love my job. The co-workers, the customers, and the industry make it very difficult not to completely fall in love. I use CBD myself to help keep my mind from racing and try and keep me a little more grounded and I feel like it does that.

Let Your Darkness Drive You!

That is one AMAZING catchline let me tell you! Here comes the story of the athlete who never made it and is depressed because of that and feels like his life just always wants to kick him when he is down. Ehh.. kinda but not really, let me open up just a little.

I was really into football my entire life and I would say that I devoted everything in my early years to the game. I didn’t go crazy in high-school with all the partying and getting in trouble because I felt like that all would hinder the chance of me making something out of the sport. But due to coaching and other factors, it just killed the game for me and I could not find the love and passion I used to. (Quick P.S I still love the game and if there was another chance I would jump on it immediately without a second thought.) After High-School I realized that I was not going to be pursuing the game anymore and that's what sent me down the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety. Football does a lot for athletes mentally and for most of us, it's a place to let go and be ourselves while simultaneously becoming stronger and making us all disciplined.

I call the stage I was in, post-football depression or what some people may call post sports depression coming out of high-school especially when the young athletes give their all to the sport. I truly feel like the frustration of "failing" and not making it will never go away but it is all a mindset and I'm working every day to change it. Between 2017-2019 there was some personal relationship stuff going on and it threw back down the well and I had to start climbing again. Here is where it all slapped me in the face, and I've never been slapped so hard back into reality before this time. I've always been a very active kid as most of you could have guessed, but I've always been heavy into working out. Ever since I was little I would go to the gym when I was upset and workout all the anger that I had. Sounds a little looney but it's the truth. The gym throughout my life has always kept me in the zone of being as healthy as possible. I love pushing myself to new limits and becoming stronger never gets old. When I fell back down into the Darkness of the well, I realized that I am Driven By the past. Driven by the Darkness that sits within, the mind, the anxiety, the depression all of it. It is what makes me stronger every day that I wake up. Going to the gym, I find peace at fighting myself every day and becoming stronger and I realized that is what helps me. Personally, that is what makes me want to be stronger, and by working out I'm doing just that. I realized that I am Driven By Darkness, and from that moment on I wanted to build a company, a brand that helps others realize their true potential that sits within. I want them to know that the Darkness you sit with is powerful and holds so much of you. Use it. Use the energy to become stronger and never feel like life is kicking your ass 24/7 again. Don't get me wrong that's a lot easier said than done but I want to help others know that they can do the same thing if they put their mind to it.

Driven By Darkness is the next big thing, for people to stop letting their past control their life, to stop letting the hardships and so-called failures control every aspect of their well-being. Nothing in this world is a failure, it's all lessons to make you stronger and smarter so that you can never be as low as before.

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1 Comment

To be honest it’s hard to say. I’m still struggling to find what drives me..what my purpose is..what my plan is. A lot of my time is just spent in my room doing pretty much nothing. Ive never really had any aspirations or dreams like other people. Yeah I have few interests like animals and traveling, but I’ve already tried going to school to work with animals and that went no where and I’m not famous or rich so I can’t always be traveling.. Its pretty sad to say but I don’t spend much time thinking about the future because I view myself as stuck most of the time. I just chase my next days off of work every week…

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