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What Drives You? Hannah

To be honest it’s hard to say. I’m still struggling to find what drives me..what my purpose is..what my plan is. A lot of my time is just spent in my room doing pretty much nothing. Ive never really had any aspirations or dreams like other people. Yeah I have few interests like animals and traveling, but I’ve already tried going to school to work with animals and that went no where and I’m not famous or rich so I can’t always be traveling.. Its pretty sad to say but I don’t spend much time thinking about the future because I view myself as stuck most of the time. I just chase my next days off of work every week and that’s really all I look forward to. Ive just never been able to find hobbies. Hopefully here soon I can find that spark of passion to turn things around!

I’ve always just based my happiness on other people because I’ve never been able to make myself happy.. So for the most part, I think what drives me are other people.. my boyfriend, my brother, my best friend, my moms.. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for them.

Thank you for this post!! It made me realize some things about myself that I hadn’t before. ♥️

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